The musical instrument quality duck calls and goose calls that Greg Keats produces are handmade and hand tuned from only the finest natural materials on a limited production basis only. These materials are chosen for their fine tonal qualities and appearance. Greg's calls will deliver a superlative note as well as the range needed to speak goose and duck fluently, and be easy to use as well. The exclusive use of musical grade wood and other natural materials such as horn and bone, as well as acrylic impregnated hardwoods, guarantees that you have the finest handcrafted product - made one at a time by Greg, in his state of the art callmaking facility. Inherent flaws in mass produced calls are mass reproduced, which is never the case with Greg's calls. Keep an eye on Greg's product line as it is always expanding. Greg recently added a multifunctional 5 way whistle to the product listing.

Greg participated in the International callmakers Contest & Exhibit for two years in a row. This was not a calling contest where competitors are judged on their calling ability, it is a callmakers contest where one professional caller blows all of the calls. Over 140 calls per year were judged on the basis of sound and appearance. Greg's calls won 1st place in goose calls and 2nd place in duck calls. What better way to determine a call's ability, than to judge it against others in this manner - not against another person but against other calls. The following year, Greg's calls took one blue ribbon and three red ribbons at the International Callmakers Contest!! Unfortunately this contest is no longer held as it was the only true example of how one product stands up against it's competitors.

You will find that all Greg Keats calls are very easy to master, make a complete range of notes, and have an amazingly realistic sound. If you consider yourself a beginner, Greg's calls will make learning much easier, and, if you are a good caller, these calls will make you sound like a pro.

Greg Keats custom duck and goose calls - the choice of guides, professional callers and collectors worldwide. See for yourself the strategic advantage that those in the know have with Greg's calls; they are the best kept secret in waterfowling today!

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