New for 2011: 10 Duck Calls You Should Check Out

Duck Commander Triple Threat Duck Commander's Triple Threat

Triple what? You've got it - this polycarbonate duck call is packed with a patent pending triple reed system. Built off the foundation of their double reed system that was patented over 40 years ago, the prototype was put to the test this past duck season and the results have been lethal. The triple reed system is designed to replicate the mallard hen in her quack, feed call, and hail call with ease.

MSRP: $40.00


Hobo TracerTracer by Hobo Calls

Brand new to their 2011 lineup, Hobo introduces the triple reed Tracer. The unique design of their triple reed guarantees that you'll sound like a duck no matter your skill level.

MSRP: $139.95



C&S Diehard JustifierC&S Calls: Die Hard Series Justifier

Get a touch of custom for a fraction of the cost - The Die Hard Series line of calls was designed to meet the needs of the Waterfowler looking for a quality duck call that would break down the ducks, not the bank. These calls are molded in shop by C&S in small batches and are built to be hunted hard & abused.

MSRP: $45.00


Banded Calls BanzaiBanded Calls Banzai

The Banzai™ is a double reed duck call that is built to perform on every level from simple quacks to a full sequence of greeters. Banzai translates to "Battle Cry" and that is exactly what the ducks will hear. Built with cast acrylic and tuned to perfection right here in America, the Banzai™ will have you thinning out flock after flock.

MSRP: $140


Tim Grounds Back FlapperTim Grounds Back Flapper

A contest ready single reed duck call with a serious greenhead finishing low end and a forgiving contest-winning high ball. World Champion duck callers have blown this call and the consesus is clear: it can win the world.

MSRP: $130.00



RNT Daisy Cutter DiabloRNT Daisy Cutter Diablo

The signature deep raspy sound of the original Daisy Cutters has been taken and mixed it with a touch of soft whiney back pressure that is so often associated with finishing type calls. The result is a medium volume, deep, raspy, feather-slinging little silvered tongue devil that can be used virtually in any hunting environment open water or timber. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

MSRP: $140.00


LMC StrangleholdLMC Stranglehold

The Stranglehold Duck Call is PURE DUCK! That's the only way to describe this call. Lynch Mob Calls has worked years on mastering the perfect soundboard chambers to achieve the duckiest and most user friendly call on the market. If you are a diehard duck hunter then put a Stranglehold on your duck.

MSRP: $120.00


Toxic Calls NBDToxic Calls NBD

Toxic NBD is blueprinted for one thing, to be the sickest duck call ever to boil the water. Guys have been screaming for low end, they never thought they could sound this real with a call. We didn't care if it could ring. We wanted a call that was able to spit nasty little clucks and whines, dropping a feed chuckle that will make your shiver, yet having the guts and volume when you need it.

MSRP: $74.99


Field Proven Calls Shot CallerField Proven Calls Shot Caller

Realism and ease of operation was the goal, and the Field Proven Shot Caller Single Reed Duck Call brings it. A realistic and raspy top end rolls off to awesome control for quacks and feed calls. Easy enough for a beginner with a range every veteran dreams of. The best way to describe the Shot Caller is it has enough built in duck to be super easy to operate but not too much to where it restricts its wide range of different sounds.

MSRP: $130.00


Hayes Calls Bawlin ChainHayes Calls Bawlin Chain

Make ducks obey! It delivers the commanding sound and range of a single reed, yet has the squeal-free forgiveness of a double reed. Dressed up with unique chain-link band that gives it a look unlike any other duck call. Acrylic.

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  •  Looper: 
    I got a Lynch Mob Stanglehold in double reed nice and raspy. Smaller so you don't have a big clunker in the way when your pulling on the birds
     1100 days ago 
    2 points
  •  FullDraw84: 
    those C&S custom Die Hards are incredible, You will not believe the abuse they will go through. Seen Mike throwing them onto concrete and barely left a mark!
     1101 days ago 
    0 points
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New for 2011: 10 Duck Calls You Should Check Out